Roll mattress - what kind of mattress is suitable for healthy sleep in a five-star hotel?

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     When you are on a business trip outside, the hotel is our sustenance and residence, so how much do you know about the mattresses used in the hotel? How much do you know about the materials used in hotel mattresses? Let's take the material of the hotel mattress as an example. Let's learn together with Xiaobian.


The importance of the mattress

         The bed is something that we deal with every day. The mattress used for a good bed is essential. The mattress is the heart of the bed. The quality of sleep depends on the quality of the mattress. A quality mattress makes it very comfortable to sleep. The quality of sleep can also be greatly improved, so we should choose a mattress with better softness when choosing a mattress. Although the price will be a little more expensive than the ordinary mattress, the good mattress is very durable and does not need to be replaced. So diligent, can also affect the quality of our sleep, do you understand? Mattress is very important for us.


Hotel mattress material

        Due to the special nature of the industry, the frequency of cleaning and the frequency of replacement of cloth are very high. When the grades of some hotels are not up to standard, they may not be as good as home. What are the materials of hotel mattresses? To see the star rating of the hotel we stayed in, the higher the hotel, the better the choice of mattress supplies and management, whether it is the layout of the room or the quality of things will not be on a level. In general, the hotel will use space memory cotton comfort spring mattress, because this mattress gives people a very comfortable feeling, lying very soft, and on the one hand, the softness of the mattress can affect a person. The quality of sleep. There are also hotels that use a space memory cotton comfort spring mattress or a hotel decision.


How to choose a hotel mattress

          Different types of rooms are available depending on the needs and usage of the guests. The classification criteria for hotels in different regions, different levels, different types and different brands are not uniform. There are single rooms, standard rooms, double rooms, suite rooms, apartment rooms, presidential suites, etc. In addition, some specialty hotels have special rooms. There are some ways to buy a hotel room mattress. First, look at the elasticity of the mattress. In order to identify whether the mattress is elastic, you can press the bed with your knees or sit down at the corner of the bed and try to restore the mattress to its original shape. A good mattress with good elasticity is pressed. It can be restored immediately.

           Second, the mattress material. Latex mattresses made of latex are highly elastic and can meet the needs of different weight groups. Their good support can adapt to various sleep postures of sleepers. No noise, no vibration, and effectively improve the quality of sleep. In addition, there are some spring mattresses, etc. It is best to choose some breathable materials.


The above is the relevant introduction to the choice of hotel mattresses. It is recommended that you want to have a good sleep. You should choose a hotel with a higher star rating, because the service of a star-rated hotel is different, of course, according to your own economic conditions. . A good mattress is a guarantee of people's sleep quality. I hope everyone can have a good sleep quality every night.