Hotel engineering mattress - quality mattress, to meet those conditions can be called "good mattress"

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 There are various types of mattresses on the market, and the price of mattresses is mixed. It is difficult for us to distinguish the quality of a mattress from the appearance. But no matter what the mattress, how much the price of the mattress. To be worthy of the word "good mattress", you must have the following three conditions:

        Environmental protection: According to the national love standard, the amount of formaldehyde released per cubic meter of mattress should not exceed 0.05 mg. If this amount is exceeded, the formaldehyde is exceeded. The mattress is a close-fitting product. If the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will cause serious harm to human health. There are three sources of formaldehyde in general mattresses: the glue used to bond the brown silk in the mountain brown and coir mattress is emitted; the spring mesh and the fabric bonding treatment are scattered; the quality of the mattress fabric is not good, Formaldehyde is produced. In addition, the inferior sponge added to the spring mattress may cause adverse symptoms such as skin irritation.

       Good breathability: scientific data shows that the body will lose at least 0.5-1 liters of water per night, because some beds also need to breathe in order to release the moisture generated at night, while good breathability also makes the mattress and body The temperature of the contact part for a long time is not too high, ensuring high quality deep sleep.


 Durable: The bed is an indispensable durable product in our daily life. A mattress must accompany us for at least a few years or more, so the mattress that is not deformed, collapsed, and durable is the foundation of a good mattress. .

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