What are the targets to pick a suitable mattress?

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Customized mattresses tell you: What are the targets to pick a suitable mattress?

  When you buy a mattress, you will always be overwhelmed by the variety of mattresses and shopping guides in the mall. After a round trip, I found that I could not find a mattress that was right for me. In fact, it is not so difficult to find a suitable mattress within a limited economic range. As long as the target is clearly defined, it is very easy to purchase on demand. Before purchasing a mattress, you can check the information about the mattress on the Internet to find out the approximate structure of the mattress and the corresponding materials.

  Most mattresses on the market use springs as the internal structure of the mattress. The bed net made of spring has good elasticity, good supportability, strong air permeability and durability, and is widely loved by the public. Spring bed nets are generally divided into two types, one is a chain spring, and the other is a separate bag spring or a separate tube spring. The advantage of the chain spring is that it has good support and high durability. In addition to the advantages of interlocking springs, the independent cylinder springs are also resistant to interference. Of course, beds made with separate pocket springs are more expensive than mattresses made with chain springs.

  If you are buying a mattress for the elderly or children at home, and you want to be affordable, we recommend you to buy a chain spring mattress. Because the chain spring bed net design is more conducive to the health of the elderly and adolescents. It is not difficult to understand in the market that many mattress brands specialize in one or several different mattresses for the elderly and teenagers.

  Most of the mattresses are matched with 3E coconut dream or brown cotton, sponge and other comfortable layer materials, and a soft knitted fabric is adopted, which is comfortable, economical and beautiful. If you are a person who likes to sleep hard, you can also consider purchasing such a matching mattress.

  Due to their superior mutual interference characteristics, the independent pocket springs are widely used in the manufacture of double mattresses when they are quickly replaced by chain springs, and are highly respected by major mattress brands. Each spring in the independent vertical pocket spring is independently loaded into the bag, and the springs are independent from each other, and are separately subjected to a force, and a part of the spring that is squeezed and contracted does not affect the uncompressed spring on the side, so the force is separately applied. The spring, which produces the effect of lying and sleeping without any interference, greatly reduces the impact of the user's actions of turning over and getting up at night to the sleeping partner. So if you are buying a double mattress, we recommend you to buy a separate pocket spring mattress. Although the price may be higher, a good quality sleep will have an answer to your life and the price of the mattress.

   Tips: Because each mattress brand is made of a spring mattress, the steel used is different, and the strength and elasticity of the human body are not the same. Therefore, when you buy a mattress, you must let the person or the mattress user try to sleep on the mattress. If you lie down, you can feel the obvious comfort. This is the first condition for us to buy a suitable mattress.

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