Sleep is not good, maybe your mattress should be changed.

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Sleep is not good, maybe your mattress should be changed.

 If home is a safe haven forever. The bedroom is the warmest corner of the haven. Although humans have strong adaptability, the bedroom environment still affects our sleep. One third of the time spent in sleep, although there are many factors affecting sleep, but the most direct and direct factor is the mattress.

 But in real life, most people don't seem to realize this. They are willing to spend thousands of dollars to change an Apple phone, but they are not willing to change a good mattress. Some people may say that my mattress is not bad, why should I change it? Then a mattress should not be changed. Whether it is changed or not depends on whether the appearance looks good or not, but whether it has affected the quality of our sleep.

When should I change the mattress?

 1, the use of the mattress: According to research, a high quality spring mattress life is about 5-8 years. A mattress that has been used for about 8 years generally does not provide the comfort and support needed for a good night's sleep.

 2, the appearance of the mattress: Please remember to take a look at your mattress when changing sheets. If you haven't seen the sheets before you are seen by the neighbors, don't you feel embarrassed? Look at the dirt, spots, and cracks above. Rugged surface and depressions in the lying and surrounding areas. A mattress that is unacceptable usually means that its life is almost the same.

 3, mattress comfort: lie down, feel the mattress with your heart. This looks easy and hard to do. The mattress is a button that gives you a good night's sleep. The comfort and support may have disappeared quietly, but you don't know it – just as you have adapted to a shoe that doesn't fit.

 If it is really not judged. Go shopping at nearby furniture and merchandise and see what it feels like to have a new quality mattress. You will find that the manufacturing technology of mattresses has improved a lot in the past 10 years.