Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine

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Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine

Product Description:

The new type Dorsal Seal Style High Speed Pocket Spring Coiling Machine LR-PS-HF came in for the advantages of the old type.With high Performace,high efficiency and high stability, LR-PS-HF is designed from our yeas of experiences in this line.

Technical Characteristics:

1. More than 96% of the control come from servo, run accurately, stable, low maintenance and low wastage.

2.Both electrical parts and the structure of the machine are up to the CE and UL, so that it is more safe and user-friendly.

3. Intelligent sensors can check malfunctions all the time, display corresponding alarm on the HIM duly, one operator can run several sets of LR-PS-HF.

4. Unique patented spring conveyor design increases productivity and efficiency.

5. Flexible heat treatment device which can adapt to different spring height. 

6. Very operator user-friendly non-woven joint device, save time and non-woven.

7. Automatic stop after material consumption,cutter to divide the pocket springs into rows automatically.

8.  Machine is designed according to human, using modularization design and very convenience for operation and maintenance.

9. Ultrasonic horn is made of Titaniu, durable and firm.

10.Electronic components are CE-conform and “off the shelf”(such as:Mitsubishi, SMC, CKD, Schneider.